Current Projects

Working Group on a Civil Procedure Protocol

The PLA is pleased to announce the formation of a working group to develop a civil procedure protocol for procurement claims, led by Sarah Hannaford and Fionnuala McCredie from Keating Chambers.

Two New Working Groups Announced

The PLA is pleased to announce the formation of two new working groups focusing on developing areas of procurement law. The remit of the working groups will cover (1) NHS procurement and (2) the differences between the various UK procurement regimes (with a particular emphasis on the state of the regimes post-transposition of the new Public Procurement Directive).

Working groups provide a vibrant platform for PLA members to share their expertise and views on areas of public procurement and all members of the PLA are invited and welcome to join these new groups.

The UK procurement regimes working group is likely to kick off later this year but those who wish to express an interest in joining that group can email Duncan Osler at  A reminder will also be sent out nearer the time for any further interested members to join in the debate.