Becoming a Member of the PLA

If you would like to join the Procurement Lawyers’ Association, please send:

  1. your full name (first name and surname) and email address. We will only hold these details on the membership list.
  2. a cheque for the appropriate amount (in GBP), made payable to “The Procurement Lawyers’ Association”

to Peter Ware, Finance and Membership Secretary of the Procurement Lawyers’ Association, at Browne Jacobson LLP, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham NG2 1BJ.

Please note that we do not issue invoices, nor do we issue written receipts. We will acknowledge payment via email.

Membership payments may also be made via direct bank transfer to The Procurement Lawyers’ Association’s bank account and such payments must be referenced by the new member’s name.

The annual membership fee for 2019/2020 has been set at £25 for private-sector members and £12.50 for public-sector members. For lawyers with less than 3 years post-qualifying experience at the commencement of the PLA membership year, there shall be no membership fee payable in respect of that membership year. The fee applies to each individual who wishes to be a member and attend events.

The membership year runs from 1 December – 30 November. The membership fee is not pro-rated throughout the membership year. Please note that membership is personal and is not transferrable to others within an organisation, nor does it entitle members to substitute attendance at an event.

For any further information about joining the Procurement Lawyers’ Association please contact Peter Ware by email –