Procurement review bodies – survey for PLA members – survey closes 28th August 2020

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Procurement review bodies – survey for PLA members – survey closes 28th August 2020

Dear Members

While the necessary statutory amendments have been made to retain our procurement regime substantively ‘as is’ throughout and after the transition period, the general assumption is that the Government will be looking to review some aspects of the legislative framework with the possibility of making amendments once we are beyond the transition period and no longer subject to obligations under the EU procurement directives.

As part of one of the PLA’s three main purposes, we will be seeking to take an active role in any future consultation process in this regard. Ahead of any formal consultation, we would like to engage members in discussion on the future of the remedies regime, in particular the role of the courts or the appropriateness of some other review body to deal with claims against contracting authority decisions.

To that end, we have put together a short survey of 10 questions, to obtain an overview of the thoughts of professionals working in this field.  We will be asking PLA members, clients to PLA members who are involved in procurement matters and economic operators to answer these very high level questions to gain an understanding of trends.

The survey for completion by PLA Members is available here:

We would also like to collect the views of in-house lawyers and procurement professionals who may not be members of the PLA. If you have contacts who are not PLA members but who you would be happy to complete our short survey please let us know. The survey for Non-PLA Members is very similar to that above, but with a couple of minor amendments. If you are able to assist by circulating the survey to clients, whether contracting authorities or economic operators, then please contact

The survey will close on 28 August 2020.

We would truly appreciate it you could the time to complete this survey.  As an additional incentive, one PLA Member survey respondent will be chosen at random to receive a prize once the survey has closed.

The survey has been created using Survey Monkey and you will be required to enter your email address to submit a response which shall be held and processed in accordance with Survey Monkey’s data processing policy. If you have any concerns about providing this information but would still like to respond then we are able to send the questions directly for your response. The PLA will use the survey responses as part of its paper on review bodies to be published in the autumn. Completing this survey will not prevent you from also responding to any future green paper that the government might publish in due course or from being involved with any PLA response to such paper.

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